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Murphy Fine Arts Center Venue Listing
Turpin-Lamb Theater Technical Specifications

Stage Specification
| Sound | Lighting
Proscenium Opening 49' - 0"
Proscenium Height
19' - 6"
Thrust to Back Wall 42' - 0"
Plaster Line to Back Wall 29' - 0"
Curtain Line to Back Wall 27' - 0"
Curtain Line to Thrust 15' - 0"
Center to Stage Right 29' - 0"
Center to Stage Left 29' - 0"
Grid Height 23' - 6"
House Floor to Stage 3' - 0"
1x-Crest Audio 24ch. Mixing console
1x-DBX 166-xl compressor limiter/gate
1x-DBX 323-1l dual 1/3 octave graphic eq.
1x-DBX 223 3-way crossover sub-only
2x-mon mixes
1x-DBX 166xl dual compressor limiter/gate
1x-DBX 323-1l dual 1/3 octave graphic eq
4x-Full range wedges
Full range system
1xCrest-audio CA-2 booth mon.
Playback rack
1x-Denon DN-T620 cd/cassete combo-deck
1x-Tascam DA-40 DAT player/recorder
Speaker Boxes
2x-EAW Ff-650 efx left/right
2x-JBL SRX series sides
2x-JBL SRX series rear
2x-EAW SB330e center-subs
2x-Shure SC4-wireless system
12x-Shure Beta 58A mics
6x-AKG-CK-91 condencer
4x-Crown PCC-160
2x-Shure Microfles MX-418 Pod-mics
1x24 ch. Snake
2x-wirldwind-8ch. Sub di's snake
80x-wirldwind mic cable
4x-¼ cable
4x-speaker out put cable
Power Distribution
1 / 200 amp Three phase
Hearing Assist.
1x-Sennheiser S120-Hearing Transmitter
Sound Pressure Levels
Due to the potential volume levels available with our FOH system that may come into the building with a show, the MFAC has adopted a very strict policy regarding SPL. The following maximum db level restrictions have been set for the protection of our audience members, crew, and artists. At no time shall the maximum A-weighted SPL ever reach above 110db at the Center of the House (COH) in Row "EE." MFAC reserves the right to direct their Head Audio Engineer or his designate to reduce system levels to remain within acceptable SPLs.

A-weight SPL @ COH Maximum Time
95db 4 hours
97db 2 hours
100db 1 hour
102db 30 minutes

Audio Challenges in the Turpin Lamb Theatre:
The Turpin-Lamb Theatre was designed primarily for acoustic & instrumentations events.

Please Note:
Due to the acoustic design of the front of the house, we strongly discourage the placing of the speaker stack on stage, as excessive echo slap-back occurs, severely hindering intelligibility.

Clearcom Intercom system
4x-stations 2-ch.
Control Console
STRAND 520i up to 6000 channels - 24 Sub-masters
Dimmers and Control
90 (2.4K) - dimmers
3 (6K) - dimmers
Power Distribution
1 / 400 amp Three phase
1 / 200 amp Three phase
Turpin-Lamb Theater Seating

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