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Morgan State University
Murphy Fine Arts Center Venue Listing
Gilliam Concert Hall Technical Specifications

Stage Specification
| Stage Equipment | Sound | Lighting | Loading Rigging | Draperies
Proscenium Opening 66' - 0"
Proscenium Height
26' - 0"
Apron to Back Wall 45' - 0"
Plaster Line to Back Wall 40' - 0"
Curtain Line to Back Wall 38' - 0"
Hydraulic Pit to Back Wall 55' - 0"
Curtain Line to Apron 8' - 0"
Curtain Line to Hydraulic Pit 18' - 0"
Hydraulic Pit Width 71' - 0"
Hydraulic Pit Depth 10' - 0"
Center to Stage Right (Fly Rail) 61' - 0"
Center to Stage Left 58' - 0"
PLEASE NOTE: The wing space will be affected by the proscenium opening that is set. The wing space minimum is 17'. The wider proscenium openings also affect the space available at the locking rail.
Height to under:  
Fly Gallery
31' - 0"
Loading Gallery
56' - 0"


62' - 0"
House Floor to Stage
3' - 6"
Crossover upstage of the last line 3' - 6"
Orchestra Pit capacity 50 Musicians
Projection Distances:

Control booth to Apron

92' - 0"

First Balcony to Apron

88' - 0"

Second Balcony to Apron

96' - 0"

1st Bridge to Apron

70' - 0"

2nd Bridge to Apron

98' - 0"
Spotlight Positions to Apron 86' / 98'(fixed)
PLEASE NOTE: The use of all stage equipment is subject to availability and in some instances at an additional rental fee.

Allen Digital Computer Organ


Steinway Concert D


Baldwin Grand 1


Conductor / gray Wenger


Choir - gray Wenger 3-step


Tops, Wenger, 3' x 8'



8", 16", 24", 32"
Acoustic Ceiling: Three sections 1
Acoustic Towers: 10
Dance Floor:  

Black / Gray

6 (40'x30')
Music Stands: #?

Black Wenger Musician

1x-4k Yamaha PM 4000 48 ch. Mixing console
3x-DBX 30 series equalizer 3031
2x-Yamaha DME-32…cover
2x-mon mixes
1x-DBX 166xl dual compressor limiter/gate
1x-DBX 31 series equalizer 3231
6x-Full range wedges
1x-TC-Electronic M-One XL
1x-ACP-Presonus 8 ch. compressor / gate
4 way system-HI-MID-LOW-SUB
6x-Crest cks-400
6x-Crest cks-800
6x-Crest cks-1200
1x-Crest 3301-monitor
Playback rack
1x-Denon DN-T620 cd/cassete combo-deck
1x-Tascam DA-40 DAT player/recorder
Speaker Boxes-EAW
4x-FOH L-R (KF650)
2x-Down fills center (KF650)
3x-1st Balcony & Mezz (KF850)
3x-FOH-LCR Balcony Rear Delay (KF300)
2x-Subs L-R (KF-SB600)
1x-Sub Center (KF850p)
6x-Stage Mon (SM200ih)
2x-Shure UHF dual system / lav
2x-Shure SC4-wireless system
20x-Shure Beta 58A mics
9x-AKG-CK-91 condencer
6x-Crown PCC-160
12x-Shure Microfles MX-418 Pod-mics
3x-AKG C 414 B-TL II
3x-Shure Beta 98
1x- Shure Beta 57
1x-Shure Beta 52
Snakes / DI`s
1x48 ch. Snake
2x-wirldwind-8ch. Sub di's snake
80x-wirldwind mic cable
4x-¼ cable
8x-speaker out put cable
2x-BSS Direct Boxes
Power Distribution
1 / 200 amp Three phase
Hearing Assist.
1x-Sennheiser S120-Hearing Transmitter
FOH Mix Position
Location FOH left rear of the concert hall in side control room booth with 2 sliding windows, and equip…with one pair tannoys near field monitors. The Audio Engineer is just under the first balcony direct view of the Left, Center, Right
FOH-Front Of The House
In addition to the main speaker clusters, there are enhancement speakers for the upper balcony and boxes, as well as front fill speakers, each with their own EQ and Delay. These are powered by Crest 400, 800, 1200 … amps
Snake Panels
6-panels of 6-pack input snake on stage left and right, down stage, and in the orchestra pit left and right back wall.
Two 8-pack ch. Sub snakes. All microphone inputs are separate and patchable.

All request for specific microphones and Di boxes must be made in advance and are subject to availability.

Sound Pressure Levels

Due to the potential volume levels available with our FOH system that may come into the building with a show, the MFAC has adopted a very strict policy regarding SPL. The following maximum db level restrictions have been set for the protection of our audience members, crew, and artists. At no time shall the maximum A-weighted SPL ever reach above 110db at the Center of the House (COH) in Row "EE." MFAC reserves the right to direct their Head Audio Engineer or his designate to reduce system levels to remain within acceptable SPLs.

A-weight SPL @ COH Maximum Time
95db 4 hours
97db 2 hours
100db 1 hour
102db 30 minutes

Audio Challenges in the Concert hall:
We have learned a lot since our venue opened, most of it the hard way. Since we want you to have the best possible sound quality for your event, please take a moment to learn from our experiences.
The Concert Hall was designed primarily for acoustic & instrumentations events.
Clearcom Intercom system
4x-stations 2-ch.
Control Console
STRAND 520i up to 6000 channels - 24 Sub-masters
Dimmers and Control
290 (2.4K) - dimmers
9 (6K) - dimmers
Power Distribution
1 / 400 amp Three phase
1 / 200 amp Three phase
Weight Capacity - 2250 lbs. / batton
Grand Drape
26oz Velour100% full, 2@28'h x 36'w-w/2' Center Total Overlap
Legs and Borders
5 (set-pair) Legs - 26oz Velour (black), Flat, 28'h x 10'w
5 Borders - 26oz Velour (black), Flat, 6'h x 86'w
CBS grey lino, Flat, 30'h x 70'w
Gilliam Concert Hall Seating

Murphy Fine Arts center
Murphy Fine Arts center
Murphy Fine Arts center