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Murphy Fine Arts Center - Frequently Asked Questions
  What Facilities do the following questions refer to?
  The performance facilities covered here are the: James H. and Louise Hayley Gilliam Concert Hall, Turpin-Lamb Theatre and Recital Hall.
  What is the Murphy Fine Arts Center and who can use it?
  The Morgan State University Carl J. Murphy Fine Arts Center (“MFAC”) is intended primarily as an educational and cultural resource for The University, Baltimore City and the State of Maryland.
The facilities will also be made available to other organizations on an individual program rental basis for purposes that are compatible with, or enhance the mission of the University and in the interest of the community.
  WHo has priority in reserving space for events?
  • Priority I Morgan State University President’s Office;
  • Priority II Carl J. Murphy Fine Arts Center Residents: Public performances with related events and activities that are a direct outcome or product of the Department of Fine Arts;
  • Priority III Other University activities: Appropriate public performances by other campus entities (student, administrative, faculty); Appropriate non-performance campus events and activities, including recording;
  • Priority IV Other users (non-profit)
  • Priority V Other users (commercial)
  Who is responsible for scheduling?
  Scheduling of events is the responsibility of the Director of the Murphy Fine Arts Center (“MFAC Director”). The MFAC Director coordinates all scheduling of public space (as outlined above) within the MFAC, contracts, and general communication regarding all events.
  How do I make a request for event space?
  Requests for event space and facility rental can be made by either:
  1. Completing the online Space Request form (found at www.murphyfineartscenter.org);
  2. Printing the form found at www.murphyfineartscenter.org – (by choosing the FACILITIES link) and faxing the completed form to the attention of MFAC Scheduling at 443-885-8303; or MFAC Scheduling and Usage Policies
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  3. Requesting a paper copy of MFAC Space Request Form and returning it to ‘MFAC Scheduling:’
    Via Fax: 443-885-8303
    Via Mail:
    MFAC Scheduling
    Murphy Fine Arts Center
    Morgan State University
    1700 E. Cold Spring Lane
    Baltimore, MD 21251
  4. Requests will be taken provided space, technical equipment and staff are available on the requested date. The MFAC will make available a calendar of the year being considered showing significant academic dates and holidays (i.e., Spring Breaks, University Holidays, and other pertinent dates to use in planning date requests.)
  What holidays does the Murphy Fine Arts Center observe?
  Holidays: The MFAC will retain certain days for restoration and general facility maintenance, and the facilities will not be available for use. Also official university holidays are not available except with special permission. Special rental rates will apply for all users on any University holiday in order to reimburse the MFAC for labor overtime rates.
  Booking a venue:
  It is expected that all events will be booked a minimum of eight (8) weeks in advance.
  All renters of space within the MFAC are required to submit a deposit of fifty percent (50%) of the estimated cost of the event. All deposits must be made no later than one week after the License Agreement for the Use of Public Space in the Carl J. Murphy Fine Arts Center (“License Agreement”) is signed. The deposit must be paid prior to: ticket sales, publication or promotion of the event, execution of contract, occupancy of space, or storage of equipment. In the event that the deposit is not received within one week of the execution of the License Agreement, the requested space will be released and the License Agreement voided.
  Contract Information:
  All potential Licensees will be asked by MFAC staff to provide detailed information concerning the proposed event. A License Agreement cannot be constructed until the Licensee contacts and meets with the MFAC Director. No event shall be held at the Carl J. Murphy Fine Arts Center without an executed License Agreement signed by both parties. This License Agreement must be executed no later than eight (8) weeks prior to the event. After the above has been completed, the Licensee will receive a full rental agreement package. A schedule included in the package will indicate the dates for return of the License Agreement, deposits and other documentation. A copy of the fully executed License
Agreement will be returned to the Licensee by mail.
  Ticket Sales:
  Ticket sales and promotion of an event cannot begin without completion of the License Agreement and payment of deposit.
  The rehearsal schedule must be included with the License Agreement. It is understood that only the performers and Production crew plus authorized representatives of the Licensee and MFAC will be in the performance space during a rehearsal. An open rehearsal for invited patrons will constitute a performance with normal performance rates
applying and a full house staff on duty.
  Non-profit status:
  Non-Profit Organizations shall provide evidence of non-profit status with the signed License Agreement.
  The payment of all royalty fees such as to BMI, ASCAP, or SESAC and/or dues to AEA, AGVA, AFTRA or other union dues, which may be required, is the sole responsibility of the licensee.
  Billing and review of bills:
  • An invoice for the amount due under the license (less the deposit) will be issued within ninety (90) days after the close of the event. Payment is due within thirty (30) days after the date of the university invoice.
  • Invoices not paid within sixty (60) days will be charged a late payment penalty of 1.5% for every thirty (30) days late. Accounts over ninety (90) days past due are subject to a 15% collection charge as levied by the Maryland State Collections Agency.
  • All payments shall be made by check or money order payable to the Morgan State University.
  • Category III Licensees are subject to state (sales) tax. Licensee will be charged 5% Maryland State Sales Tax unless a current State of Maryland Comptroller of the Treasury Retail Sales Tax Division Exemption Certificate and related account number is provided.
  Cancellation or changes made by the LICENSEE
  Licensee shall forfeit all deposits held if Licensee cancels the event anytime after the License Agreement is signed.
  Coordination with other users:
  It is understood that there may be other activities in the MFAC building simultaneously with the licensed use.
  All non-campus users must obtain and maintain liability insurance, at its sole expense, that covers the Event and all related activities and that names user and the University, and their respective officers, agents and employees as insureds. This insurance shall have a minimum policy limit of one million dollars ($1,000,000) for personal injuries, including death; and three million dollars ($3,000,000) in the aggregate for all property damage; and shall contain a provision prohibiting cancellation except upon fifteen (15) days prior express written notice to all insured, including the University. User shall furnish a copy of said insurance policy or certificate of insurance to MFAC no later than ninety (30) days prior to the event, and shall maintain such insurance throughout the period during which the Event and related activities occur.
  Section II: General Regulations for all users
  The following are general regulations that apply to all users of the Carl J. Murphy Fine Arts Center:
  Alteration and use of the premises:
  Licensee shall not alter, repair, add to, deface, improve or in any way change the licensed premises in any manner whatsoever, without the prior written consent of MFAC. The licensed premises shall be maintained and vacated, as andwhen required, in as good condition as it is upon entry of licensee therein, depreciation for reasonable wear and tear expected.
  Final determination for security needs will be made by the Morgan State University Department of Police and Public Safety. If an artist contract requires security, the licensee must contact the MFAC Director for approval before securing outside security agencies.
  Broadcasting and Recordings:
  Licensee shall not, and shall not permit others to, broadcast, telecast, record or reproduce any rehearsal, performance or parts thereof in or about the premises with out the prior express written consent of the University and Artist or Artist’s
agent. Which consent, if given by the University, shall be set forth in two separate agreements, one between Licensee and Artist and a second between Licensee and the University. Licensee shall be responsible for the payment of all fees, costs, personnel expenses and other charges related to any such broadcast, telecast recording or reproduction prior to engaging in any such activity. Exceptions may be made for news media or other production media when advance arrangements are made with MFAC management and are approved by Artist(s) and/or Artist(s) agent. MFAC management reserves the right to confiscate equipment for the duration of the performance or evict violators. Licensee shall include the following written credit line on any commercial recordings made within MFAC: "Recorded at the Carl J. Murphy Fine Arts Center at Morgan State University."
  Licensee shall not take or permit to be taken, photographs in or about the premises at any time without the prior express written consent of the University and Artists or Artist’s agent. Which consent, if given by the University, shall be set forth in a separate agreement signed by both Licensee and the University. Licensee shall be responsible for the
payment of all fees, costs and personnel expenses and other charges related thereto. If the Licensee shall desire to have photographs taken at an engagement, Licensee shall make a request to the University prior to the commencement of ticket sales.
  Open flame:
  The use of candles or any other open flame is not permitted in the premises without the express written consent of the University. There is to be no use in or about the premises of any substance of an explosive, corrosive or flammable nature, without the express written permission of MFAC. All stage materials used shall be flame proofed. Any user shall not cause or produce to be caused or produced therein, or to emanate there from any unusual, noxious, or objectionable smokes, gases, vapors or odors. The user is also responsible for the use of theatrical smoke in such ways that the smoke alarms do not go off.
  Weapons are not allowed on campus. Weapons include objects or substances designed to inflict a wound, cause injury, or incapacitate, including, without limitation, and whether real, fake, disabled or rigged, all firearms, BB guns, air guns, pellet guns, switchblades, knives with blades five or more inches long. This extends to any activity, class, rehearsal and performance, without the express written permission of the University Police.
  Backstage Access:
  Audience members and guests will only be admitted backstage in accordance with the wishes of the artist(s), in coordination with MFAC staff. MFAC staff must escort audience members, who wish to go backstage. The escorting of audience members to the backstage areas will be secondary to other House Management functions. At no time are guests permitted to walk through or around the main curtain or across the stage.
  Audience Seating Areas:
  During rehearsal, set-up, and strike periods, Licensee personnel shall restrict their activities to the stage, backstage, and production areas. When it is necessary for a director, designer, or stage manager to view a rehearsal or set-up from the
audience area, use of the seating areas are restricted to directorial and technical personnel. When the audience seating areas are used for directorial activity in connection with the rehearsal or production of an event, the Licensee will be responsible for the clean up of the area so used. The audience seating areas are not to be used for the storage of coats,personal belongings, musical instrument cases, or other paraphernalia associated with the pre-performance production of an event. Food and drink are strictly prohibited in the seating and performance areas of the venues.
  House Opening and Capacity:
  The House will open no less than ½ hour prior to the stated curtain time following consultation between House Management and Production Services at each performance.
  Matinee Curtain Times:
  The standard matinee curtain time will be at 3:00 p.m. Special matinees for school children may begin at differing times; however, the time and details of the production must be approved by MFAC.
  Evening Curtain Times:
  The standard evening curtain time is 7:00 p.m.
  Actual Start Time of Performance:
  Actual start time of the performance will be decided by consultation including MFAC Management, Ticketing and Production Services. It is MFAC’s intention to begin each performance at the published time.
  Standard Intermission will be 15 minutes in duration.
  Access to Ticket Office:
  Access to the Ticket Office will be restricted to Ticket Office and MFAC staff only.
  Late Seating:
  Late seating will occur during the first opportunity (break in performance). Until that time, audience members will be held outside the hall. The appropriate “break” will be determined in consultation between MFAC staff and the Artist. How and where late arrivals are seated will be venue specific.
  Paging Devices & Cellular Phones:
  All paging devices & cellular phones must be turned off during any event held at the MFAC. Any patron that refuses to adhere to this requirement shall be deemed “objectionable” and is subject to removal from the premises.
  Emergency Medical Treatment:
  The University reserves the right to determine if Paramedics/Emergency Medical Personnel need to be called for a specific incident.
  The MFAC is a smoke-free building. Licensee shall be responsible for seeking adherence to smoking regulations for all performers, technicians, management personnel, and others who take part in the production of an event.
  Traffic and Parking:
  It is understood and agreed that the Licensee, its agents, employees, guests and patrons, will be subject to all Morgan State University traffic and parking regulations. Parking at the stage loading area is strictly regulated and limited to vehicles required for the loading and unloading of material required for the event. Parking for artists
shall be provided adjacent to MFAC. An approved parking pass will be issued by MFAC.
  Bicycles, Skateboards, In-Line Skates Scooters, Bicycles and any motorized vehicle, not
needed for persons with disabilities
  are not allowed inside the MFAC facilities. The aforementioned items, when found in the building will be removed from the premises by the Morgan State University Department of Police and Public Safety under the direction of MFAC management. Retrieval of these items will be the responsibility of the owner. Bicycle storage racks are provided on the exterior of MFAC facilities.
  Except for service animals for persons with disabilities and animals required as part of a performance, animals are not allowed in MFAC facilities. MFAC management must be notified in advance if the production requires the use of animals so that necessary arrangements and precautions may be taken.
  Objectionable Patrons:
  MFAC management reserves the right to eject, or cause to be ejected, from the premises any objectionable person or persons. MFAC management will not be liable to Licensee for any damages that might be incurred through the execution of this right.
  Children (Infants):
  MFAC believes in exposing young people to the performing arts at an early and appropriate age. We encourage parents to prepare their children for the experience by explaining basic audience etiquette to them. Children talking or moving around in a manner that is distracting to other patrons may be asked to move or leave the venue. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
  Medical Emergency Inside Performance Hall:
  Should a medical emergency take place inside a performance space during a performance, it will be the purview of the MFAC Director to decide whether the performance should be stopped while the medical emergency is resolved. The MFAC Director will contact the stage manager to stop the show.
  Ticketing Services:
  The Morgan State University McKeldin Center will manage the ticketing for all Ticket Master ticketed events within the building regardless of Licensee. Further, all performances with an admission charge will be a “reserved ticket” event. All audience members must have a ticket, regardless of age.

Decisions about which events will be free and which free events will be ticketed will be made in consultation between MFAC staff and the Licensee. The ticket office must approve any special offers or discounts offers before any dvertising can be done. Only one discount per patron or group will be allowed.
  Lobby Displays and Decorations:
  Displays and decorations within the common areas of the MFAC may only be erected in designated areas. These designated areas will consist of 3’- 6’ tables located in selected areas of the MFAC. MFAC staff must approve all items for display.
  Merchandising/Onsite Sales:
  Selling or distributing promotional, performance-related items or services before, during, or after your event requires a separate contract. All logistical details and infrastructure requirements must be pre-arranged and agreed to by MFAC
Management. Under no circumstances will an unlicensed/unapproved vendor be permitted to sell or distribute anything in MFAC facilities or MFAC property.
  Food and beverages:
  All food services must be arranged via a separate contract through the Morgan State University McKeldin Center. Licensees may not provide or procure their own food service.
  Coat Room/Coat Check:
  Coat-racks and attendants are available upon request. Please see Rental Rates for fees.
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